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Artists can add their commission info and prices on their profile, while commissioners can search for artists corresponding to their demands and in their price range.

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Happy new year!

Hello and happy new year 2017!

Splarty evolves for the new year by getting new features and clarifying its use.

Splarty is not yet another gallery website.
Its goal is to centralize all your commissions instead of having them scattered among your e-mails, notes, private messages...
We hope for every artist open to commissions to bring their commissioners on Splarty, to help both parties manage their commissions and their references easily.

If you'd like to know how Splarty can help you as an artist or as a commissioner, check it out!

Our team would like to thank all of you and hopes to see the community grow in this new year. We wish you the best and a very happy new year!

— Your Splarty team

Hi artists and commissioners!

We made some adjustments for mobile viewing. We are working on new features but we would like to know your opinion. What new feature would you really like to see on Splarty? We are constantly trying to make Splarty better for you!

You can contact us through the forum, Facebook, Twitter or to contact@splarty.net .

Please spread the word about Splarty. Make people come on Splarty!

Hi artists and commissioners!

You know we are working hard to make Splarty better!

The commissioning process received a few updates:

  • Commissioners can now select the commission style they want.
  • Commissioners can now directly select characters. No need to copy/paste links if the character is on Splarty!
  • Some UI fixes and optimizations.

We also added some new features:

  • You can now mark characters as favorites to find them more easily.
  • You can now mark your main characters to make them appear first in your character list.

We are continuously working on new features and adjustments to make Splarty better.
Please do not hesitate to say hi on the forums and ask for help or post your suggestions!

See you very soon!
— Your Splarty team